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Disciplinary Wives


The below text I copied once from an FLR site. Don’t remember which one. Found it somewhere in a folder and thought it might make for a nice post, but not trying to pass it off as my on writing! Probably one of my readers will be good enough to provide the right credits.



This is fantastic. I think FLR punishment also is good for just reinforcing the submissive and obedient mindset. If it gives her an sadistic or power pleasure, then even better.

Thoughts on Femdom and Female Power #46: Duty and Sacrifice, Part 2

If women are increasingly able to serve in traditional, exclusively male roles such the military and sanitation, then what are men to do. The answer is they can continue to serve alongside women and that they can do anything they want within the bounds of the law and morality. Everyone in a truly liberating and liberated society should feel free to follow their calling, even if it means being a stay-at-home dad, domestic service or any number of traditional female roles and occupations. This isn’t about ‘feminization.’ It’s about self realization.

I do feel men have a duty to be knights in service of women. The Sins of the Fathers that led to centuries of gender oppression of women and even men are not our sins. BUT, they do become our sins and our injustices in we continue to inflict them on each other, if we do not correct them. Breaking down barriers to women, protecting our mothers, wives and daughters are when men are their best selves. Protection of women and children is acknowledged as a noble thing even in paternalistic societies.

Again, this is about creating a world where every human being, especially women, can live up to her full potential. So, men, don’t just think protection. Defending women from abuses or threats is noble and commendable, but if we are to be true knights then we must fight for their freedom and well being as well. We free ourselves when we do this. Sacrifice your ego on the altar of the divine feminine.

Thoughts on Femdom and Female Power #45: Duty and Sacrifice

Men sacrifice for women all the time, but it’s invisible. The do it in occupations that are dangerous like sanitation. Look at the rates of injury for a ‘garbage man.’ It’s a little scary, and few women do it.

Men have sacrificed their lives in combat and war for millenia. Rightly or wrongly, women have been relegated to support positions until very recently.

I think the reasons for this are rooted in evolutionary biology. After impregnation, the male’s chief duty is to protect his mate and unborn child. He can’t give birth or nurse.

These sacrifices have been the underpinning and justification for patriarchy, but why is that. If men are making these sacrifices and men are deciding them for themselves but they are done for the protection and benefit of women and children, then why are women cut out of that decisionmaking. What about the women left behind when a man makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Let’s take the two examples given above: sanitation and military service. Increasingly neither one really requires someone with the male advantage  of upper body strength. Automated trucks and the use of standardized waste receptacles doesn’t require that. Hand-to-hand combat in an age of drones, automatic weapons and more is an increasingly rare occurrence.

If they want to, women can do these jobs and fulfill these duties, too. It’s wrong to deny them the chance because of tradition. All of us benefit from these services and sacrifices, so we should let all adults make them when they choose to.

So, if equity and justice demand that both sexes be allowed to make sacrifices and take on duties for the benefit of society, then what is the male role in society. I’m going to try to better define that in the next several blog posts.

jordanfuk asked:

I love ur blog women are superior im 19 male and need a misstress i will worship her i also want to be in chasity!

Until you find the right mistress for you, be a knight and serve all women. Be respectful and don’t push, but support them wherever you can from holding open a door to volunteering at a Komen run. Thanks for reading and letting me know. I sometimes wonder if anyone at all is looking at this. Good to know.

This is important. He sees himself submit, himSELF. She has taken his penis symbolically to show him how easily a strong women can assert her dominance and take what he has mistakenly assumed is his greater power. What is the penis but a plow, used for a brief time to dig and ultimately plant a seed in a furrow of the earth. A seed will grow and bring forth life, but do we really think it was the plow that was most important element in this metaphor, this agricultural reality. No, it is the furrow, the Earth and the earth, the rain that brings forth life. The power is in the furrow and womb of the soil. Silly man. Her dildo cannot plant a seed but it can remind him of this truth.

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