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Thoughts on Femdom and Female Power #43: Her Penis

Mistress Marie owns my cock and tells me so. I am its caretaker and it does not cum without her permission. I confess my transgressions when they occur (rarely do they). But, what is the role of the penis, the cock, the dick in an FLR or femdom relationship.

Mistress Marie does not want to put me in a chastity device. She would rather me be chaste and true and self-disciplined. I agree and I’m skeptical of men who claim to wear them for weeks. It’s not their will or endurance I question but the practicality —- issues of hygiene, skin health, et cetera.

Orgasms seem healthy to me, and to deny them for too long isn’t. I know there is not a lot of data on this question, but so this is more intuition than fact on my part.

Sometimes, Mistress Marie still enjoys giving me a blowjob and playing with her cock orally. I like that she’s a sensual domme who sometimes doles out pain.

Before I sign off, I want to say to each his own. If chastity device have a fetish appeal or you want to test your limits for chastity, go right ahead. It doesn’t affect me. However, it doesn’t seem sustainable to me as a lifestyle. The dominant woman shouldn’t be abusive and prolonged (weeks and months) chastity borders on this, I think.


I’m ready for this

Wow, do strapons and skirts turn me on. I think the skirt reinforces the femininity of the woman wearing it while the dildo strapped between her legs signifies that she has seized the power to penetrate and taken it from me. Maybe I need that contradiction and friction between male and female because transgendered women (who have intact flesh cocks) don’t do it for me.

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I never get tired of whatching you on your knees pleasing me

This is a good illustration of what I experience and what I just posted about. He is kneeling and licking. If he has the right frame of mind, then he might be worshipping too. All of us emerged from a womb and vagina, a pussy, a cunt. To me, it is the Altar of Venus and the point of origin for my existence.

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Thoughts on Femdom and Female Power #42: Household Goddess

I worship Mistress Marie. When I do I feel it in every part of myself more completely than I ever felt from any type desexualized, conventional worship in a church. Why is that?

One possible answer is because it is a form of worship that includes the erotic, power exchange and a contemplation of divinity and holiness. It includes the carnal and the spiritual.

Again, feminization is not a kink of mine. I have no desire to wear women’s clothes or roleplay a female identity. I would be a much uglier woman than I would a man, sincerely. While maintaining a male identity, albeit a submissive one, I touch the divine feminine. I surrender and open my heart.

Mistress Marie becomes not just my wife, but a kind of avatar of that divine feminine aspect. Touching her is touching it. Don’t get me wrong. The sex remains there—- hot, wet, hungry. I serve it and it within myself.

So, try making your significant other mentally the embodiment of yin or yang, feminine or masculine, the manifestation of your opposite within, so to speak. If you’re a submissive straight or bisexual woman, make the man you serve your God. Let’s see where it leads us.

Sweet Bush!

Holy mackerel this is hot. I love of dark, thick bush. I do like it shaped into a V and not spreading onto thighs or too high. Oh, and for some reason I have not been able to fathom in all my years of maturity, I always have been turned on by a pretty naked woman in nothing but sneakers and socks. I have theories as to why this is a turn-on for me. I don’t have definitive answers though. Sweet, indeed. Milky white skin, brunette, I could go on and on.

I spend quite a lot of time thinking about my role as a Domme but for once I wanted to assess what my submissive’s role is to me.

He is there to give me pleasure. Sheer physical and sexual pleasure without me needing to feel guilty or needing to provide any quid pro quo. I can lie back, so to speak, and enjoy freely what he gives.

He is there for me to play with. I can play with his body and mind and bring him to pleasure so intense he loses himself in it. I can learn to control his reactions and practise my skills at doing so.

You’ll note that as a result he is both for giving and receiving pleasure but without the automatic requirement that both parties have an orgasm in the same session or they aren’t ‘doing it properly’ that produces pressure and limits enjoyment.

He is there for me to exercise my frustrations on his body. When the world is too much for me I can take out my pain by giving it to him. That he takes this, purely for me, that he loves me enough to give me this outlet only makes me love him more.

He is there for me to own. I control him in subtle ways, taking what no vanilla girlfriend can. I have power that thrills and yet that I find myself holding back from. I will not abuse this generosity of spirit but I will treasure it as a precious gift.

This is what I want from my submissive, this is what I receive.
This is what he is for.

What Is My Submissive For by Caitlin on Wordpress (via the-boss-anna)

I have written any blog entries here for a while, but this is beautiful. I’m glad to reblog it.

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